The original Allstar Heroes – and the pirate Heroes Charge

The Chinese version of Allstar Heroes was launched on iOS on 25th February 2014. The Android version was launched on 19th March 2014. After the iOS launch, it entered the Top 10 of the grossing chart, then moved into the top 5. Last May, it become the no.1 mobile game, and more importantly managed to maintain this brilliant performance for a long time. The developer and copyright owner of Allstar Heroes is Lilith Games, Allstar Heroes is legally authorised by Lilith Games.

Heroes Charge:After the success of the original Chinese version of Allstar Heroes, people saw the massive success a MOBA game could have on the mobile. Therefore, lots of developers tried to imitate its unique gameplay and UI design, and many similar copy/pirate games appeared. The developer of Heroes Charge, uCool, decompiled the source code of Allstar Heroes to make their clone version, and copied the gameplay, battles, roles, skills, attributes, User Interface and much more. They then went on to launch the game without permission from the original developer and copyright holder – Lilith Games.

Heroes Charge-
Developer name: uCool.
Launch date: Apple Store: 7th August 2014
Google Play Store: 21st August 2014.

The Chinese version of Allstar Heroes was launched 5 months before Heroes Charge. During this time Allstar Heroes had already become the no.1 mobile game across the whole of Asia, which makes it inconceivable that uCool could have produced their game, Heroes Charge, without having imitated Allstar Heroes.

Lilith Games reserve all rights to initiate legal actions against uCool to stop its unfair competition and egregious infringement upon their rights.

Sign: Allstar Heroes Developer Lilith Games; EU publisher Allstar Games